Six reasons Donald Trump is better than Barack Obama

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It seemed impossible to many, but Donald Trump has been elected the 45th president of the United States.

Some people are ever so sad about that and are saying he’ll never live up to the legacy of Barack Obama.

But Donald Trump is already better than President Obama, and this is why:

1. WrestleMania IV

Trump and the WWE (then WWF) first worked together in 1988, a few years after the grand opening of the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.

Trump wanted to turn Atlantic City into a destination, and so brought WrestleMania IV to the Plaza. He said: “Everybody in the country wanted this event, and we were able to get it.”

The main event was the finale of a 14-man elimination tournament for the WWF Heavyweight Championship. Macho Man Randy Savage ultimately won, beating Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.

To date, Barack Obama has never hosted a WrestleMania or any other large-scale sporting event.

2. WrestleMania V

WrestleMania IV went so well, Trump brought the event back to Atlantic City the following year. It’s still the only time a city has hosted WrestleMania in consecutive years.

This time the main event featured Hulk Hogan versus Randy Savage, again for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, in a battle dubbed The Mega Powers Explode.

Barack Obama? Still no WrestleMania on his CV.

3. The Battle of the Billionaires

In 2007, Donald Trump and WWE CEO Vince McMahon faced off in the main event of WrestleMania 23 in a match titled The Battle of the Billionaires.

It started in January of that year, when Donald Trump interrupted a “fan appreciation night” being held by Vince McMahon on Raw and dropped thousands and thousands of dollars from the arena ceiling onto the screaming fans below.

Mr McMahon, furious at having his spotlight stolen, challenged Trump to a fight at that year’s WrestleMania, with the stipulation that the loser would have their head shaved.

The two men hired representatives to fight for each other, and with the kind of astute decision-making we’d continue to see in years to come, Donald Trump chose Bobby Lashley to take on McMahon’s favoured “Samoan Bulldozer”, Umaga.

Thanks to a combination of the billionaire’s faultless tactics and Bobby Lashley’s raw power, Donald Trump’s beautiful golden mane survived, with Vince’s hair ending up scattered across the blood-stained canvas.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is neither a billionaire, nor has he battled another billionaire in a public grudge match.

4. When Trump bought Raw

Two years after beating Vince McMahon and humiliating him by shaving his head, Trump piled on the ignomy by buying Vince’s beloved Monday Night Raw.

Trump announced that the next week’s show would be commercial-free and that every WWE fan who bought a ticket would be given a full refund. Vince was forced to buy his show back for twice the price. A classic Trump 9D chess manoeuvre.

Barack Obama has never engaged in the hostile takeover of a popular TV show.

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5. WWE Hall of Fame

In 2013, Donald Trump was inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame, for his many services to the promotion.

It hardly needs saying, but Barack Obama is not in the WWE Hall of Fame.

6. Linda McMahon in the Trump cabinet

Linda McMahon

Donald Trump made Linda McMahon, Vince’s wife, head of Small Business Administration in his Cabinet. Linda has two failed senate campaigns in her past, but thanks to President Trump, she finally made it into the White House.

No members of the McMahon family were ever made part of Barack Obama’s administration.


So there you go; six reasons why Donald Trump is better than Barack Obama.

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