CM Punk signs to the UFC

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

CM Punk has signed a contract with the UFC and will be fighting in the Octagon next year.

The former WWE Champion told fans on Colt Cabana’s podcast last week that his WWE contract prohibited him from working for any company that WWE deemed to be “competition” for up to a year. However, that hasn’t stopped him signing with Dana White and getting ready to perform in the world’s top mixed martial arts promotion.

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This is a stroke of genius from Dana White. The last time he had a former WWE superstar in the Octagon it was Brock Lesnar and he was the biggest pay-per-view draw in UFC history. Now he gets to do it all over again with Punk, who is arguably a better-known superstar than Brock.

Let’s not forget, it also allows Punk to get revenge on Vince in the process.

Punk left WWE back in January and hadn’t been seen or heard from in any meaningful way since. It transpired he was forced to keep quiet for all those months, until he was finally able to tell his story last week and announce it’s time for him to move on with his life with his WWE woes officially behind him.

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The “Best in the World” and his wife, WWE Diva AJ Lee, attended UFC 181 last night where Punk made the announcement in an interview with commentator Joe Rogan.

He said: “It’s very awesome to be here. You know, this is something that’s been in the back of my mind for a very, very long time. I have a background in kenpo. I’ve done Brazilian jiu-jitsu off and on for a very, very long time. But the idea of being able to step in the Octagon and find out what’s inside myself and test myself is an opportunity I was not able to deny myself.”

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Punk, real name Phil Brooks, was indecisive about what weight group he will be a part of but it seems likely he will compete at middleweight unless he seriously trains and gets himself into shape before his first bout. This could then see him drop to welterweight but he has admitted light heavyweight isn’t an option.

He was also challenged earlier this week by former MMA star Phil Baroni who called him a “whiny bitch”. Just how much this had to do with his decision remain to be seen.

Punk also appeared in a Vine last night where he told fans that he would be in the Octagon in 2015.

Whether this turns out to be the biggest mistake or best decision Punk has made in his career will be seen next year, but as for now, CM Punk has found a way to get back at WWE and continue doing what he loves. Whether you love him or hate him, it’s time for the WWE Universe to fully support him.

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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