Review: Awful Auntie

Written by: Mike Shaw

Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Being an adaptation of a David Walliams book, Awful Auntie is aimed squarely at youngsters. So, what’s the point in a grown-up reviewing it?

I asked an eight-year-old boy (who happens to be my son), what he thought:

“Awful Auntie was hilarious even though I haven’t read the book.

Everything was funny. The funniest bit was when the awful auntie said that her owl had been feeding the girl worms and slugs every night. Oh yeah, and the bit when they played all the tricks on the auntie. Also the bit when Soot did his business! Not poo, the other thing that comes out of your bum.

Awful Auntie stage play

The play was about a horrible auntie who tells her niece that her parents are dead, but the girl thinks the auntie killed them. The auntie says the girl and her mother and father went out driving and that the mother and father died and the girl survived. So the girl tries to get proof that the auntie did it.

I didn’t have a favourite character, they were all funny, but I liked the girl from Harry Potter.

It’s quite similar in places to Matilda. The story has similar bits, the auntie was a bit like Miss Trunchbull, and Miss Trunchbull has The Chokey while the auntie has that cage.

I think most children my age will like it. Two of my friends went to see it and thought it was really funny.

I want to see it again and now I want to read the book too!”

Awful Auntie is on tour until the end of the year.

Author: Mike Shaw

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