Top 10 most valuable vinyl records

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These days, technology is helping the music industry to advance in numerous exciting ways. From music videos on YouTube, to iTunes libraries and apps like Spotify, people have all kinds of ways to listen to music in digital form.

Yet despite these advances there remains a certain charm to a good old-fashioned vinyl record. Not to mention how much they can be worth.

So, here’s a list of the 10 most valuable vinyl records.

1. Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen

This 1977 record is valued at a hefty £8,000, but because of its status as the gold standard of punk items, it’s worth the price as a collectable for hardcore fans.

Sex Pistols live

2. The Beatles – Please Please Me

Any Beatles album is a great (and valuable) collectable, but this 1963 debut is a true gem. Valued at £3,500 in mint, the record is actually a sound financial investment, as its value will only increase with time.

3. Hank Mobley – Hank Mobley

This 1957 record is a staple of old school, genuine jazz, and as such it stands out largely for its quality and Blue Note label. It’s valued at £2,000, but a devoted collector might pay more.

4. Wil Malone – Wil Malone

For a collector, this record may be worth a few thousand pounds simply because it’s rare, and was only lightly distributed back in 1970. When the album was recently released again (in the form of only 750 copies), they sold far more cheaply.

5. The Rolling Stones – The Rolling Stones

Much like The Beatles, the Stones have many albums that could qualify for similar lists, but the debut 1964 record in mint is probably the most valuable from a collection standpoint.

Rolling Stones live

6. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin

The value of a copy of this record is all about condition, with certain rare copies selling for over £1,000 now and then. Telegraph notes, copies with the original turquoise or orange sleeve are particularly valuable.

7. Dr. Z – Three Parts To My Soul

This 1971 record is one of the very rarest that exists on the old Vertigo label, and that makes it a valued collectable item. Estimated value is £1,000.

8. The Open Mind – The Open Mind

A mint condition copy of this record can net you upwards of £750, as it always seems to be in demand. The album has been re-issued, but original issues maintain value.

9. Agincourt – Fly Away

This is a 1970 record that was originally produced in very limited numbers. The music itself isn’t as recognizable as many others on this list, but the records can be worth over £700.

10. Mr. Magic – Dance To The Drummer’s Beat

For a 1982 record, the valuation of over £500 is a pretty good indication that this is a good investment. Quality music, significance in hip-hop development, and rarity make for inclusion on the list.

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