Review: Best albums of September 2017

Written by: Paul Horsman

We’ve filtered the best music releases in September so you don’t have to. Highlights from our favourite ten albums can be heard here: The Void – September 2017 Highlights

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Daughter – Songs From Before the Storm

Perhaps the idea of following two critically acclaimed LPs wasn’t challenging enough for indie-folk trio Daughter. Hence embarking on a creative project that not only acts as a standalone album, but as the musical backdrop for an episodic adventure video game.

We’ve yet to see how it all works with the latter, but the music itself doesn’t necessarily need to rely on visual aids. Yes, it’s a little long. Yes, it’s mostly instrumental. But it’s also imaginative enough to conjure a peculiar glacial world that’s easy to get lost in. Winter is coming. And this could well be its soundtrack. Better get the Horlicks ready.

The Horrors – V

Out of all the bands making a welcome return this month, we hadn’t expected The Horrors to be leading the pack. Initially seen as a bit of a novelty act, they’ve since soldiered on to become one of our most underrated guitar groups of the past ten years.

With help from super-producer Paul Epworth, it seems now is the right time for them to go that extra mile. The grit in their sound is still there, but they come armed with songs that could rival the grandeur of Elbow and The Maccabees. This newfound confidence elevates them to another level, and it’s one where they seem to be at ease. A brilliant reminder that British bands are far from dead.

LCD Soundsystem – American Dream

When James Murphy decided to call it a day for LCD Soundsystem in 2010, there was a genuine whiff of finality about it. Yet here we are again, seven years later, enjoying his brand of pulsating electro-punk and witty middle-aged observations.

Inspired to reform by Bowie, Murphy has certainly made this comeback count. American Dream isn’t a mere update or extension of previous material, it’s his strongest work to date and full of musical pay-offs. It also cements him as one of the most relevant songwriters of our time. Hours could be spent picking apart the bittersweet lyrics, yet there’s one line that is sure to bite hard: ‘It’s gonna have to be good enough, I can’t do this anymore, my brain won’t work.’ It might only be temporarily, but it’s more than good enough to have him back.

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