WWE PPVs might suck, but there are still positives

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

Elimination Chamber was an under-whelming pay-per-view to say the least, but following the disappointment of The Royal Rumble last month, did we really expect any less?

However, there are some positives that we can take from the event…


Antonio Cesaro WWE

The former “Antonio” Cesaro is so over with the crowd right now that he needs to make a babyface turn. The fact that his swing gets a better crowd reaction than any of John Cena’s moves should tell the company that this guy has something special and after he drops Jack Swagger he could challenge for one of the top places in WWE.

The Wyatts

Wyatt Family and rocking chair

Regardless of anything anyone says about the Elimination Chamber, The Wyatts v The Shield stole the show and was one of the best matches in recent years. Not only did the Wyatts completely dominate The Hounds Of Justice in a way that has never been seen before (Dean went missing in the crowd, Seth was power-bombed through the Spanish announcers desk and Roman was pinned after he received Sister Abigail) but they also popped up inside the Elimination Chamber and cost John Cena his shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, setting up a feud with two of the best promo makers in WWE today.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns WWE

The brute force element of The Shield was left in a three-on-one situation when his partners were taken out, but instead of rolling over and accepting his fate, the Samoan fought back and hit his Superman punch twice before delivering a spear to Luke Harper. If he hadn’t provided the distraction, Roman would have gone on to win regardless of the circumstances and added another notch to his already long list of achievements. The plus side is that The Shield didn’t break up as everyone predicted and we’re all now anticipating this break-up even more.

Christian v Sheamus

Seamus vs Christian in the WWE

Going into the match Sheamus and Christian already had the foundations of a feud laid down and it felt like this would continue further. After Christian pinned Sheamus following a painful splash from the top of a pod, it seems logical that the feud will continue and keep Christian in the mid-card for another few months and the veteran may even earn a final WrestleMania match from it.

Titus O’Neil

Titus O'Neil is huge

The former Prime Time Player claimed a memorable victory over his former tag team partner in one of the fastest matches of the night. Judging by the fact that Titus had new music and Darren was left with the old Prime Time Players theme you got the feeling Titus was the one receiving the push. Titus has the ability and the body image to go on to be one of the main event stars and his PPV win could put him on the road.


Sad Batista

The worst match of the night was probably Batista v Del Rio, the crowd were busy chanting for anything or anyone else. Batista seems to be so hated that anyone who faces him automatically turns into a babyface. It still remains to be seen if Randy Orton comes over as a babyface in their WrestleMania match.

Divas division

WWE diva Tamina Snuka

It seems the plan all along was for Tamina to turn on AJ. There have been hints for a while and following Naomi’s injury it looks like WWE has pushed the storyline forward and we may actually have a competition worthy of the title. A second generation diva, Tamina is a better in-ring performer than a lot of AJ’s recent competition and looks like the only Diva likely to take away her title.

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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