Why Seth Rollins joining Evolution is a WWE masterstroke

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

It’s finally happened. The break-up of the best WWE faction in years took place this week and the WWE Universe is still reeling from the effects.

Seth Rollins turns heel and joins Evolution

Rumours surrounding The Shield’s split began months ago after Seth Rollins walked out and left Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to lose to The Wyatt Family. This split was then put on hold and many thought they would remain together until Summerslam with either Dean turning heel or Roman turning face and leaving the group.

Sadly neither of these happened, as this week on Raw, the one member no one suspected would turn, turned. Seth Rollins, the glue of The Shield, The Architect and the stand-out performer decided he had had enough and just 24 hours after he jumped off the Titantron to take out Evolution he was embracing them in the ring.

Batista had quit earlier in the night. We all knew he was off to promote Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy so that part was no surprise, but when Randy Orton and Triple H came out for the former’s match against Roman Reigns, Triple H revealed he had a plan B – Seth attacked Roman with a chair before Dean gave him a confused look and ran towards him trying to stop him but ended up gaining the brunt of the abuse from Rollins.

Many say this is because Roman was still in pain from the attacks with the kendo stick the night before but I believe the real reason is that Seth and Dean are set to have a pretty intense feud. Roman has always been the recognised leader of The Shield and when they were previously going to split, Seth said it was because of a problem he had with Dean and it all went away after he slapped him.

Dean Ambrose looks shocked when Seth Rollins breaks up The Shield

Dean Ambrose looks shocked when Seth Rollins attacks Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose looks shocked when Seth Rollins turns heel

This could be a continuation of that. The fact some people think The Shield will stay together is quite shocking because without Seth there isn’t really a Shield. Seth has kept that group together for months, Roman and Dean will not co-exist alone and I don’t think it’ll be long before Dean joins Seth on the dark side and Roman stays face alone. The one bad thing coming from this is probably the fact that Seth will now have to change his ring gear and probably cut his hair, which many fans will be pleased about.

Turning Seth instead of one of the others is truly was a masterstroke from WWE, with fans reacting in the same fashion as they did when The Undertaker’s streak ended two months ago. No one suspected Seth, but now when you look back at how much WWE built him up you can see why; the dive at Extreme Rules, the jump at Payback, the improvement in the ring and on the mic, Seth was more loved by the Universe than Dean or Roman which is why the betrayal stings so much.

But at the same time it makes sense that Seth would turn heel. He has two world titles in his wrestling career and he was made to look like the weak link of The Shield the entire time, whereas now with Evolution he can be the new Randy Orton hopefully Triple H can guide him to the same kind of successes.

No one saw it coming and that is the main thing. WWE proved this week that in an era of clever wrestling fans and advanced technology, it can still keep some things under wraps and can still give fans the shocks they don’t expect.

Sit back and realise, you were played by WWE, we all were. It feels good doesn’t it?

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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