Who will be the final two members of the Survivor Series main event?

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

Monday Night Raw descended upon the Echo Arena in Liverpool this week and provided shocks and turns aplenty.

Not only that, but the teams were officially announced for Survivor Series, all except two men.

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Team Cena currently has Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show and John Cena while The Authority has Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev and Mark Henry.

After the stunt Ryback pulled this week when he took out The Authority after his match with Cena in the main event, he has now officially been removed from Team Authority and after Swagger was taken out by two curb stomps from Seth Rollins, he too has been officially removed from the main event of next weekends pay-per-view.

But the question remains, who will fill the final two slots? The simple option given the ending to Raw would be to add Ryback to Team Cena and Luke Harper to Team Authority, but would Ryback and Cena be able to coexist after he spine-busted him? And will their two egos allow them to be part of the same team?

These are two of the burning questions we have going into one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year and because WWE are giving it away for free on the Network, they will be hoping it will be a great advert and bring in more subscribers. Which is why you have to think WWE will put a spin on this on the main event.

For me, I would put Erick Rowan on Team Cena to go against Luke Harper and we will see if the two former brothers are ready to face one another and see how they fare when they don’t have Bray Wyatt controlling their every move. Or even better than that, Randy Orton could make a surprise return to Raw next week and take up the spot, or someone could get taken out at the last minute on the night of the show and The Viper can be the late replacement and help overthrow The Authority.

No one actually says Team Cena are going to win, because there is so much on the line, it’s quite likely The Authority will walk out on top – but they will put up a better fight if they have people who have a real grudge against The Authority on their side. The fact that they are taking it down to the go-home episode of Raw to officially announce the teams will do well with ratings as well and will help build anticipation as the big match looms.

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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