What the hell is WWE doing with the Divas?

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

When you think about wrestling or even WWE for that matter, the women’s division is not the first thing that pops into your head.

Throughout the years, women have tried to change the world’s opinion of women’s wrestling and failed.

Wrestler Chyna

Former women’s champion, Chyna

From Chyna entering the Royal Rumble and winning the Intercontinental Championship to Trish Stratus becoming a record-breaking seven-time Women’s Champion and ultimately being named Diva of the Decade, the steps forward for women’s wrestling have been small and faltering. Women in the business are still perceived as ‘eye candy’ and are never allowed to fully compete on the same level as the men.

The Divas in WWE and Knockouts in TNA generally have one match a night, and most of the time are left off pay-per-views. WrestleMania 29 saw the Diva match cancelled because of time constraints, and the 2014 Royal Rumble failed to make time for a Divas title match as well.

The worst thing WWE did was unify both the Women’s Championship and the Divas Championship because now the women have just one belt on one brand to compete for. There are 15 divas and that’s not including the NXT Divas ready to be brought up to the main roster.

WWE just does not seem to know what to do with the Diva’s division. This week alone, Smackdown showed a repeat of an eight-Diva tag match from Raw, instead of providing a live match. The Raw-rebound segment had already been shown, and this was apparently a “Raw exclusive”.

With all the issues at the top of the men’s roster right now you could see why the Divas may have been overlooked, but to have talented stars like AJ Lee relegated to undercard matches is unfair.

AJ Lee is hot sitting in ring

AJ Lee

AJ is now the longest reigning Divas champion in history, but has only had to defend the title five times since winning it 231 days ago. When you compare that to Randy Orton defending his title at every pay-per-view, you understand how under-utilised the Divas seem to be.

The storyline around the women’s division right now is based on the ‘Total Divas’ (the stars from the reality show of the same name) against the ‘Real Divas’ (the remaining roster) and it’s the same storyline that has been going on for months, with AJ defeating Brie Bella twice followed by Natalya last month, and now it seems Naomi has stepped up to see if she can take AJ’s purple butterfly away from her.

AJ is one of the most gifted female performers WWE has ever had and you can see why WWE has pushed her and given her the title for so long, but lately it seems her matches have become stale and predictable. Tamina always gets involved to give her worth and then she will lose to one of the Total Divas to force a title match and she will retain.

That’s the way it’s been for months and it seems it’s not set to improve with Naomi still waiting for her scheduled match. The company needs to shake it up a bit, allow Tamina to turn on AJ and let the Total Divas fight each other. Maybe bring Eva Marie back as a heel and add a little more depth to the division – but it seems all they want to do is throw the girls out there, let someone win and move on.

As long as the crowd get to see women, they are happy, which in my eyes is a waste of talent.

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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Responses to What the hell is WWE doing with the Divas?

  1. Amen, I agree with you! Niaomi, Tamina are so very much talented and they don’t really have a good storyline to show off there potential, which really sucks. I kinda see why Kaitlin left

  2. KMcGarraughNo Gravatar

    It’s time to see a new divas champion and Niaomi is a class act and deserves the title. AJ is disrespected for many reasons. Go Niaomi!!!!

  3. Yes they must giv girl the chance to show their talents

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