Divas division? What Divas division?

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

I have written so many articles about how much the Divas division has to improve, that I’m annoying myself.

Rosa and Cameron WWE

There hasn’t been a live Divas match on Smackdown for weeks and this week, there was no Divas match on Raw. There was no Divas match at The Royal Rumble and there has been no divas match announced for Elimination Chamber, so where does that leave the division?

No wonder AJ has managed to become the longest reigning Divas champion, she rarely has to defend her title because the division is always overlooked. I can understand that Naomi is injured and she is awaiting her title shot but that doesn’t mean there should be no Divas matches while she is gone.

Cameron showed signs of ring improvement last week, a quick five minute match with either Aksana or Alicia would have sufficed, but there were no Divas even on Raw last night, so what are we supposed to think?

Everyone was excited about rumours that a legendary Diva was going to come back at WrestleMania, but how do we know there will even be a women’s match? Last year it was cut due to time restraints, and the Divas lost the chance to be part of the biggest pay-per-view of the year and no one batted an eyelid.

How can these women be expected to demand respect from their fellow wrestlers in a male-dominated environment when they are never treated like they are a part of the show? If a men’s match was removed from the card, people would wonder why.

If a men’s championship was removed from a pay-per-view people would complain. The Divas championship was supposed to be added to The Royal Rumble card, but again, this never happened.

The division needs nothing short of a miracle right now. And as optimistic as I am, I can’t even see the Legends saving it.

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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