The top 10 WWE stars of the next 10 years

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

It’s pretty well-established that WWE needs to get more people over, and the company is certainly better at progressing younger talent than it used to be.

So which members of the current roster are going to be the stars of the future? Here’s a top 10 list:

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins

The first-ever NXT Champion has shown off of his incredible in-ring ability as a member of The Shield on the WWE main roster. Although partners Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns take all of the plaudits in the group (and seem to be headlining the break up storyline) Seth is still playing a main role in their destruction, seemingly playing mediator between the two.

Matches against John Cena and CM Punk over the last few months have shown that Seth has all the attributes to be a world champion and a top star in the business, he totally upstaged both Punk and Cena and does seem to be the most gifted in-ring performer of the trio.

It still remains to be seen what WWE are thinking of doing with him when The Shield do break up in the next few weeks. Dean and Roman look to be going head-to-head but hopefully Seth won’t dissolve into the background and will be around to play a big part in what could potentially be the biggest feud of the year.


Antonio Cesaro WWE

Until recently known as Antonio Cesaro, he’s the better half of The Real Americans tag team, and has been working hard lately which can be seen in his improvement in the ring. His “Cesaro Swing” has become a crowd-pleasing trick and even though he is playing a heel, the crowds have started to cheer for him.

After being announced as one of the six men in the Elimination Chamber next week, this could mark the end of The Real Americans and the future for Antonio. The team has been having its issues for the past few weeks, with Swagger unable to reach the level of Cesaro, and it seems manager Zeb Colter is not happy about it.

A very technical wrestler, Cesaro is just what WWE needs in the title picture. He is hard-working and deserves the shot he is getting, let’s just hope he lasts on the main event scene longer than Swagger did.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan

What more can anyone really say about Daniel Bryan? He’s the biggest star in the company right now, he is the best in-ring competitor they have and the storyline about him “fighting the machine” has taken his popularity through the roof.

Rumours are circulating that Bryan could leave WrestleMania as champion, but this would mean something major would have to happen at Elimination Chamber in order for him to be involved in the title match, which seems fairly unlikely.

Bryan is already a top star but he has all the attributes to stay on top for a good many years; he is hard-working, and dedicated to his craft which is why his in-ring ability is by far the best WWE has ever had. WWE will surely give him a title shot again at some point but it’s hard to predict when that will be.

Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett

He’s the only Englishman on the roster right now, and it seems WWE have no idea what to do with him. Bad News Barrett looked like something he was going to do for a week or two to set up a feud, but it’s been going on for months now and it’s stale and embarrassing.

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Wade is a former Intercontinental Champion, and was the leader of Nexus not so long ago, but it seems the company has now run out of things to do with him. The Miz looked to be starting a feud with him a few weeks ago when he took offence to his comments but nothing came from it and the ‘bad news’ gimmick continues.

Barrett is a strong in-ring competitor and I feel if he comes back repackaged after WrestleMania he could have a good run at any championship.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler

Less than a year ago The Show Off was world champion. He had the fans behind him and was set to take on the WWE, but now he’s jobbing to Fandango and teaming with Kofi.

Ziggler is one of the most technically gifted superstars in the locker room, and he calls himself the show-off for good reason. Even though WWE has said he hasn’t got what it takes to be a top superstar, doesn’t mean he can’t prove them wrong.

He is set to team up with The Miz over the next few months and I think that partnership can help both wrestlers, and he could go on to be a Tag Team Champion.

Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose WWE

The United States Champion and the voice of The Shield, Ambrose has already laid his claim to being the future of WWE, his psychotic and almost lunatic in-ring style is something that hasn’t been seen in recent years, and it has developed him a huge fan following.

He is currently the longest-reigning champion in WWE today, so he has already set himself a new record – and he is now embarking on a storyline with Roman Reigns, which I feel will be the making of both men. Judging by what we’ve already seen, this storyline is set to produce fantastic rivalry.


Fandango WWE

The dancing superstar hit WWE last year with so much promise,but following a string of concussions and injuries it seems he has been dropped from being a potential main player and kicked into the role of regular dancer.

His partner, Summer Rae, looks like she will be going into her own storyline with Emma, so will Fandango be left to cheer her on from the side-lines or will he finally be entered into a feud of his own?

After beating Chris Jericho in one of the biggest shocks at WrestleMania last year, there has been no follow up. Fandango does need to work on his finisher though; a leg drop from the top rope can is not a feasible finisher for someone who wants a career that lasts more than a few years. But other than that, he has the mat ability and the mic skill to take him all the way, if allowed.

Big E

Big E Langston WWE

Another guy just given a name change – the erstwhile Big E Langston is current Intercontinental Champion. A powerhouse of a man, 2014 is said to be the year of Big E, but so far we haven’t seen any evidence of that. He didn’t stand out in The Royal Rumble and he hasn’t had a match announced at Elimination Chamber yet, so this still remains to be seen. However, we are only in February, so he could get a big push after WrestleMania.

Nonetheless, Big E has a great personality, and has had a great start to WWE life after being taken under the wing of Dolph Ziggler. It seems Big E has flourished from his mentoring and looks to be heading down the right road with his championship.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns WWE

He tied the record for most pins in last year’s Survivor Series match, before breaking the record for most eliminations at The Royal Rumble. His flying drop kick, superman punch and spear are perfection and so far it doesn’t look like anyone can touch Roman Reigns and the path he is destined to be on.

He is the breakout star of The Shield and given the chance could already be a main eventer – he showed that at the Rumble when he went toe to toe with Batista and didn’t flinch. The Samoan comes from a long line of wrestlers and WWE hopes that he can be as big a star as his cousin, The Rock.

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn WWE NXT

The former masked superstar El Generico, joined NXT last year after 11 years wrestling with a mask for promotions such as Ring of Honor and Chikara. Since joining WWE’s development territory he has become one of the organisations top stars, with feuds against Leo Kruger and Adrian Neville. His best-of-three match last year against Antonio Cesaro was one of the best bouts of 2013:

He looks like he could be the next guy to be pushed up to the roster, perhaps after WrestleMania when the part-time superstars leave and gaps in the roster begin to show. Either way Sami Zayn looks destined to be around for a while.

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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