Review: WWE Survivor Series 2014

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

When it was announced that Survivor Series would be free on the WWE Network this month part of me knew that it was going to be one to remember, because for Vince McMahon this meant more eyes on his product and that meant it truly had to deliver.

And deliver it did!

John Cena and Seth Rollins at WWE Survivor Series 2014

It’s not every pay-per-view that one of the biggest legends in the history of wrestling makes an appearance, but I will get to that shortly.

Survivor Series probably wont be remembered for Fandango’s second birth as a Spanish dancer with Rosa Mendez and his win over Justin Gabriel, or Jack Swagger getting a win over former tag partner Cesaro with The Patriot Lock on the kick-off show. It may be remembered as the day The Miz and Mizdow finally picked up the gold though.

The fatal four way tag match was pretty much as advertised. All four tag teams put on a great match to open the show and Miz and Mizdow looked to be on the same page. After The Usos hit the splash, Mizdow blind tagged himself in and pinned Goldust to take the tag titles. After the match, Miz celebrated with both belts whilse there was talk of Damien having his own replica belts. The fact that Damien won the match could lead to some friction here, but Mizdow is so over with the Universe right now that the title win makes a lot of sense.

The Divas were up next and it wasn’t a great showing for the women of Total Divas, plus Layla and Emma. The match had no pace, there were a lot of botches and the whole of Team Fox surviving was a little bit to much for me. Cameron was eliminated first after a roll up from Naomi, before Layla followed suit and so did her tag partner Summer, leaving Paige all alone in a four-on-one situation. Shockingly it was Naomi that tagged back in, hit the Rear View and what looked like an inverted DDT with her legs to eliminate Paige and take the win for her team.

After the match Tyson and Nattie showed that there is still a bit of friction between them when he celebrated like he won, but there wasn’t really much to see.

Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose was one of the hardest matches to predict on the PPV because both men were in need of a win to stay strong and so had to avoid getting pinned.

WWE played this match so well, Ambrose looked like he was on top for a lot of the match, but Bray proved he could have a future in singles competition. Bray did gain the win though – via DQ. This for me was the best thing to do, it looked like Dean had snapped when he hit Bray with the chair and then put him through a table, before throwing more chairs into the ring and finding a ladder and celebrating on top of it. This has now set up their rematch perfectly for TLC where hopefully we get to see the full extend of the Lunatic Fringe.

The filler match saw The Bunny and Adam Rose continue to annoy one another when the Bunny got the pin to beat Slater Gator and took Adam’s exit away from him before leaving with the Rosebuds. No, I don’t know why either.

In what was perhaps only one of the biggest shocks of the night, AJ Lee lost her Divas title without actually fighting. Brie took the title and stood on the apron so AJ went over to tell her to get down, Brie then locked lips with the champion and Nikki hit a hard forearm to AJ whilst she was distracted followed by a rack attack to pick up her second Divas championship! Brie then celebrated with the sister that has made her life hell for the past 30 days, this rivalry looks like it could be just about to get personal.

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella WWE Survivor Series 2014

After the dust had settled from what we had just witnessed between the Divas, Team Cena and Team Authority had made their way out for one of the most anticipated matches in recent memory.

There was so much riding on this match and Mark Henry was the first victim after he was knock out punched by Big Show. He was then followed by Ryback who was taken out by a curb stomp and a side kick from Rusev. The big Bulgarian then tried to splash Dolph Ziggler through the announce table and was counted out (very clever!) before Erick Rowan was pinned by his former family member Luke Harper after his thunderous clothesline.

This left a three-on-three situation, Dolph was still out cold outside the ring and Big Show and Cena stood strong until Big Show turned and knock-out punched Cena before shaking hands with Triple H and leaving the arena to a count out. Cena was then also eliminated leaving poor Dolph to face three opponents on his own.

Give Dolph credit though, he fought back and eliminated both Luke Harper and Kane following a Zig Zag and a roll-up. He and Seth Rollins were then left one-on-one and when Dolph hit the Zig Zag on Seth, Triple H pulled the referee out of the ring and Pedigreed a helpless Dolph before dragging Seth on top of him.

Just as the Universe thought they were about to witness a travesty, out came Sting. It was the appearance we had all been promised and so much more. After a staredown with Triple H, the COO went for a punch but it was blocked and he was hit with the Death Drop before Dolph was dragged on top of Seth and the referee made the count.

Stephanie McMahon crying at WWE Survivor Series 2014

The Authority are officially out of power, WWE is safe again and Triple H and Sting could be about to lock horns on the Grandest Stage of them all!

Survivor Series went off the air with the fans taunting Triple H and Stephanie as they cried in the ring. We now all turn to Raw tonight for answers to questions we never thought we would ask.

This could be the time of change in the WWE and for once, they got Survivor Series absolutely spot on. Well played.

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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