Review: WWE Money in the Bank 2014

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

Money in the Bank is the one night of the year where anything goes.

It doesn’t matter how many titles you have, how decorated you are or if you are a rookie in the business: you can climb a ladder and retrieve a future title shot.

Sheamus at wwe money in the bank 2014

Last night was no different, Seth Rollins needed a little help from Kane to climb the ladder but he now has a future title shot and after Kane took out Dean Ambrose with a chokeslam and a tombstone, it’s safe to say the Authority’s rivalry with the Lunatic Fringe is far from over.

Not only that but we had titles on the line last night as The Usos opened the show retaining their titles against the scary formation of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. The two Wyatts put up a great fight against the Samoan brothers but ultimately the twins’ quickness and agility paid off and they walked out with their belts in hand.

The Divas division was as much of a mess as usual, with Paige predictably retaining her title against Naomi with Cameron at ringside. Cameron didn’t interfere and didn’t even try to attack Paige after the match, which leads to absolutely nothing. Where is the Divas division going now? Will AJ be back for Raw tonight? If she isn’t then WWE has some serious building up to do because they were completely buried last night.

Layla and Summer also did battle last night as two Divas matches took place on a pay-per-view for the first time this year! This match was a lot worse than the title match and to put it nicely, we were all glad it was short and sweet. Layla won and Fandango was presumably the prize. Yay for her.

Goldust and Stardust continued their recent run of form as they defeated the team known as RyAxel, who would have thought that two former Paul Heyman guys would be losing to two grown men in gold jumpsuits? This is why you should never leave Paul Heyman! The win came after Axel inadvertently hit his own partner which adds a bit to their rumoured forthcoming break-up.

Rusev continued his undefeated run as he again made Big E tap to the Accolade for the second time. Big E put up more of a fight this time and had the monster reeling and even attempted to break out of the Accolade but ultimately Russia triumphed.

The night ended with the guaranteed crowning of a new champion and as dirt sheet rumours had predicted, John Cena walked out with the title after what was an above-par ladder match for WWE.

All eight men played their part and put on a fine show. Roman Reigns was the standout performer in his first ladder match but it came down to the old guys in Randy Orton and Cena who showed how a ladder match is done, with Orton bleeding so badly that he needed stitches.

Ultimately, Cena finally grasped the belts suspended above the ring, and reestablished himself as the face of WWE, gloating in front of The Authority who had positioned themselves at ringside.

John Cena wins at WWE Money in the Bank 2014

So that was Money in the Bank, we have a new champ and new rivalries but ultimately we have just turned the corner in the build up to the biggest party of the summer. Battleground is the last stop before Summerslam and the fallout from Money in the Bank could be explosive!

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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