Review: WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

I have been rather outspoken about the predictability of WWE as of late, but even I am ready to admit that Elimination Chamber was no where near the predictable spectacle I thought it would be.

With just six matches on the card, it was an event that looked like it was set to deliver the minute Seth Rollins verses Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens verses John Cena was announced.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins at WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins face off

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

An impromptu match between Stardust and Zack Ryder opened the kick-off show and saw Ryder make his third consecutive main roster appearance, which is better than the owner of the Broski Boot has been given in a long time. Stardust got the win off Cross-Rhodes, which was a shock when he had Dark Matter in his arsenal and is trying to get away from the Cody character to set up a feud with Stephen Amell.

Daniel Bryan returned to WWE for Miz TV and after his former mentor had some choice words for him, he called out The Mega Powers who disposed of the Awesome one, it is worth noting that Bryan did say that he will be making a return to WWE at some point in the future.

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The main show kicked off with the first ever Elimination Chamber match for the Tag Team Championships. Kane announced earlier that The New Day were allowed to compete as a trio just to give them a further advantage. The Lucha Dragons and The Ascension started the match up before Cesaro and Kidd were released from their pods and Cesaro hit a stunning upper cut on Kalisto to announce his arrival.

Los Matadores were in next and after some entertaining tricks from El Torito they were eliminated after Fall of Man. Prime Time Players were the penultimate editions and shockingly went on a good run that saw them eliminate both Ascension and former champions Cesaro and Kidd.

New Day brought them back down to earth as they went to work with their surroundings and after Titus was stuck through the steel chained wall of the chamber, Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise and all three members of New Day sat on Darren Young to stop him kicking out and allowing the trio to retain their titles.

Paige at WWE Elimination Chamber

Paige at WWE Elimination Chamber

Next, Nikki Bella defended her Divas Championship against Paige and Naomi and it was announced that both Brie and Tamina were banned from ringside. It is worth noting that while this was an impressive showing from all three divas, Paige could be heard calling spots. Nikki shockingly retained after the Rack Attack to Naomi and Brie came out to celebrate after. Many thought it was finally Naomi’s time, but evidently WWE still have plans for Nikki.

The match the WWE Universe had been anticipating for almost two weeks and it was definitely the match of the night; John Cena and Kevin Owens left it all in the ring with each hitting their finishers twice, Cena landing the leg drop from the top rope and the springboard stunner before Owens showed off his agility by attempting a spinning moonsault. It was his pop-up powerbomb that finally secured the win though as the NXT Champion stood tall over the 15 time world champion and it was announced that the two would once again lock horns in two weeks at Money in the Bank.

Kevin Owens and John Cena at WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

Kevin Owens impressed against John Cena

Bo Dallas and Neville then continued the rivalry that began at the first ever NXT Takeover event and another shock saw Neville pick up the win after the Red Arrow. Where does Bo Dallas go from here?

The Intercontinental Championship was next to be defended inside the structure. Mark Henry was the shock replacement for the injured Rusev. Perhaps not shockingly, it was King Barrett and Dolph Ziggler who started the match up before they were joined by R-Truth who eliminated Barrett after a sequence of finishers and a newly unveiled Lie Detector.

Mark Henry and Ryback then joined the fray and R-Truth was eliminated following a Shell Shock, before Mark Henry and Dolph were given their marching orders following Brogue Kicks from the final addition, Sheamus. It came down to Ryback and Sheamus and the Big Guy unleashed hell on Sheamus before pinning him following a Shell Shock and being handed the title by former champion Daniel Bryan.

If all this wasn’t enough, the main event was still to come as Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose made their way out, it was earlier announced that if Roman Reigns played any part in proceedings then Dean would lose via disqualification. This was a fantastic back-and-forth match that rehashed their rivalry that ended at Hell in a Cell last year. Dean managed to keep on top of Kane and J&J Security as well as Seth but it was his high flying that was his downfall as he went for a dropkick from the top rope and took out the official as well as Seth.

Dean then recovered, hit Dirty Deeds and covered Seth, a second official ran down and counted the three for the win for Dean, but the original referee climbed to his feet and announced that Dean has in-fact won the match, but by DQ because Seth had hold of the official and caused the altercation which meant that Seth retained his Championship.

Dean refused to give up the title after the match and The Authority attacked with brought down Roman Reigns, he helped Dean clear house and Dean then announced that he won the match so he was leaving with the title. Before exiting with Roman through the crowd. It should be noted that Roman didn’t once look concerned about the belt he spent the best part of the year competing for and it seems he is now Dean’s glorified bodyguard.

Are WWE using Dean to put Roman over? Do they have big plans for him in the near future? It was also announced that in two weeks time at Money in the Bank, Roman will join Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Neville, Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler will all be a part of the contract ladder match, so could Roman be the next Mr Money in the Bank? We will find out in two weeks, as for Elimination Chamber, as a Network exclusive event, it was full of shocks and surprises and was exactly what WWE needed.

The WWE Network is now free for June as well, so Money in the Bank is also a free event, the fourth in the last six months.

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