Review: WWE Battleground 2014

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

It was billed as a historic night by COO Triple H but instead of being a night to remember for WWE it would seem Battleground was a night they will hope to forget.

John Cena retains at WWE Battleground 2014

John Cena retained the biggest prize in WWE despite rumours prior to the show giving fans the hope that the new favourite Roman Reigns could be walking out with the belt.

The match itself had the fans chanting “this is awesome” when Reigns went on a wrecking spree and cleared the ring. But the result was a disappointment to most fans because many thought Mr “Plan C”, Brock Lesnar, would make an appearance to attack Cena and build up their clash at next month’s summer event. Especially after Paul Heyman tweeted to say he was on his way to “pick up Plan C… just in case”.

Social media went wild after Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose collided backstage and Ambrose was ejected from the building with Triple H saying he wasn’t going to return. Many thought this meant the match was cancelled and Seth still came out to the ring to claim his forfeit victory only to be attacked by Ambrose who had found his way back into the arena. Triple H then came out with security and removed Ambrose once more, but this wasn’t the end of Ambrose’s night as he appeared in the parking lot and again ambushed Rollins, but Seth found his way out of his grip and drove away.

This was a master-stroke by WWE, they know Ambrose/Rollins is a draw and they knew if they faced each other last night their subsequent rematch wouldn’t be as big but by removing the match and allowing the build up to continue the hype around Summerslam and these two going toe-to-toe is going to be huge!

Other highlights of the night saw The Miz walk out with the Intercontinental Championship after tricking everyone into thinking he had been eliminated and then popping up a la Vince McMahon in the 1999 Royal Rumble to take the title after eliminating Dolph Ziggler. Lana continued to tell America how evil they are and how good Putin is, and even referenced the past week’s events – not the smartest thing for WWE to do.

Rusev did still get the win though; not exactly a shock but what was a shock was the fact that Jack Swagger put up a fight and pushed Rusev further than he has been pushed in his short career.

Bray Wyatt lost at WWE Battleground 2014

Chris Jericho picked up a shocking win over Bray Wyatt through a Code Breaker after Harper and Rowan were ejected from ringside. Talking of Harper and Rowan, they failed in their bid to capture gold as The Usos won their two out of three falls match.

Paige and AJ Lee finally had their scheduled match for the Divas title, their third so far and the only one where the title hasn’t changed hands. This was not what anyone was expecting. It had repeated botches and the two nearly messed up the ending when AJ tried to lock in the Black Widow. The other Divas match on the night saw former teammates Cameron and Naomi collide while wearing new attire and, shockingly, Cameron gained the victory off what looked like either a botched ending or deliberate roll up.

Fandango and Adam Rose also faced off but the less said about that the better. So, The Miz and Cena were the big winners on a night to forget in Florida as WWE promised so much and truly delivered so little.

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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