Review: WrestleMania 30

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

It was the biggest WrestleMania ever, the fans finally got what they wanted but now they are waging war on the WWE for another reason entirely.

Daniel Bryan and the Yes Movement are very much still in force as he ended the show lifting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Daniel Bryan wins at WrestleMania 30

Daniel Bryan wins at WrestleMania 30

The crowd were in unison as the YES chants rang around the arena after he forced Batista to tap to the Yes Lock but sadly Daniel Bryan’s victory is not the reason this WrestleMania will go down in history.

Brock Lesnar finally ended the longest streak in sports entertainment when his third F5 to The Phenom saw him claim the three count and leave the audience both shocked and stunned.

Social media exploded in shock, anger and confusion. I have never felt so emotional about a match, I saw the pin and expected the kick out at two, and then my heart dropped. The Undertaker just lay there defeated as Brock celebrated and then received a standing ovation as he headed up the longest ramp in the world.

Brock Lesnar F5s The Undertaker

Brock delivers the F5 to The Undertaker

The rest of the night was pretty much as planned, with John Cena somehow overcoming Bray Wyatt and Harper and Rowan to finally fight of those demons and to keep his legacy intact.

The Shield were the most dominant I have ever seen them as they took out Kane and The New Age Outlaws in record time finishing with a double-triple power-bomb to send the message that they are not to be messed with and to go 2-0 at WrestleMania.

Cesaro competed in two matches last night, losing the tag team title match in the pre-show as The Usos retained (losing Swagger in the process too) before he seemingly took Christian’s place in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and went on to win the coveted trophy, after he lifted the 500 pound Big Show over the top rope.

Cesaro and the Andre the Giant trophy

Cesaro and the ridiculous Andre the Giant trophy

WWE made a momentous mistake sending The Divas out after Undertaker had lost his streak. The crowd was dead, the match wasn’t very good and no one even cared when AJ retained, I felt really bad for them all.

But the main event still had to happen, so Batista, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan collided. It was a fantastic match but the crowd were not bothered, everyone I was sat with had lost interest. The whole ‘Daniel Bryan on a stretcher thing’ was a bit over the top, especially considering Randy Orton was the one who took the worst punishment in a move that led to him landing back-first on a monitor, leading to immediate bleeding and bruising. How did he continue? Serious props to him.

The Authority involved themselves and Triple H was smacked in the face with his own sledgehammer. Before Bryan sealed the win when he made Batista tap to the Yes Lock.

He then celebrated alone in the ring for ages as everyone waited for CM Punk to arrive, but it was in vain, he wasn’t there. Brie didn’t even come down to celebrate with her fiancé, bit strange but that’s the way it was played and that’s the way it ended.

And now the WrestleMania of all WrestleManias will go down in history as the show where The Deadman was overcome by The Beast and waved goodbye to The Streak.

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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