The Raw after WrestleMania 30

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

It is perhaps the most anticipated episode of Monday Night Raw of the entire year.

And after the massive shock of The Streak ending the night before at Wrestlemania XXX many of us thought that WWE could not compete with that level of shock and Raw would be a disappointment. We were all wrong.

First of all, it’s official. For anyone who read the internet rumours and thought Brock wasn’t supposed to win, he was and it’s over. Just let that sink in.

Now onto last night’s Raw, I’m British so I will start off by congratulating my country folk as Paige made history last night by being the first woman to hold the NXT and Divas championships at the same time as she ended AJ’s 295 day run with her finisher, the Paige Turner.

Paige wins the WWE Divas Championship

Paige wins the WWE Divas Championship

WWE Divas champion Paige

Paige is now WWE Divas champion. Picture from WWE Instagram

Bad News Barrett appeared against firm fan favourite Rey Mysterio, but shockingly the crowd were completely behind him as he defeated the Luchador with the Bull Hammer.

Paige was joined by her NXT compatriot Alexander Rusev as the only two to make the jump (even though Bo Dallas and Adam Rose had videos playing throughout the night so they should make the cross soon) Rusev completely dominated Zack Ryder but congrats to Zack for finally getting some ring time on the biggest Raw of the year.

And this happened:

Hulk Hogan came out to give Cesaro his Andre the Giant Trophy and Cesaro dropped the bombshell that he was in fact a Paul Heyman guy. Jack Swagger then attacked him and the demise of The Real Americans was confirmed.

Rob Van Dam made his long-awaited return as he took on Damien Sandow and still looked as great as ever as he delivered Rolling Thunder followed by the Five-Star Frog Splash.

Just when you thought the excitement couldn’t get any more intense Triple H took on Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and many thought he would get the titles he craved so much when Batista, Orton and Kane came out to attack Bryan and leave Triple H to just cover Bryan and seal the win.

The Shield face off The Authority

The Shield had a problem with this, just moments before Kane had told them that Triple H set them up on Smackdown a few weeks ago and it was his fault they were beaten by the four tag teams. The Hounds of Justice wanted revenge and Roman Reigns hit a sensational spear to Triple H before taking out Orton, Batista and Kane and watching as Bryan hit the knee to the face and extracted his own form of retribution.

What? You thought CM Punk, The Undertaker and Sting were going to appear? You thought WWE couldn’t deliver without them? You were wrong. The build-up to Extreme Rules in a matter of weeks has begun and WWE played it like the experts they are.

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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