Review: WWE Extreme Rules 2014

Written by: Phillipa Hopwood

It’s May and we have already seen the best pay-per-view of the year. If WWE want Payback to top Extreme Rules, then I am ordering it now.

It was amazing. On paper, the card was a little predictable and many fans thought they already knew what to expect but lets be honest, no one expected any of that.

Daniel Bryan and Kane at WWE Extreme Rules 2014

Daniel Bryan took on Kane at Extreme Rules

The WeeLC match between Hornswoggle and El Torito was just crazy, mini tables, ladders and chairs and 3MB and Los Matadores put their bodies on the line when they weren’t even in the match, it was so great to see and the crowd were so into it. WWE went all out with a whole gang of little people for the match.

The elimination match that started the actual pay-per-view was solid. I thought it had everything, Cesaro and Rob Van Dam are such good in-ring competitors that they made eachother look great and Cesaro getting the win just highlights the insane roll that he is on at present.

Rusev, what more can you say about the Bulgarian Brute? I thought dedicating the match to Vladimir Putin was a bit much but it was a good match and it wasn’t the squash match that many predicted. R-Truth held his own but Rusev was always going to be the victor.

Big E v Wade Barrett was another really good match. The crowd have been really behind Barrett of late and he hit Big E with the Winds of Change, WasteLand and the BullHammer to put him away and make history – for the first time WWE has two British champions, and just in time for the European tour. Well played, WWE.

It surprised me that Evolution v The Shield was this early on the card, but considering it was a triple main event, someone had to go first and wow. This match set the tone. It was amazing. The Shield are so good as a stable at making these kinds of matches look good. Seth Rollins is WWE’s new Jeff Hardy, he made that clear last night when he had no fears about his own safety and just dived god knows how high out of the crowd to save Dean Ambrose. Amazing. The Slammy Awards this year are already wrapped up.

I don’t know how WWE would ever even think of breaking The Shield up when they put on shows like that…

John Cena against Bray Wyatt was one of the matches I will honestly say I didn’t fully care about. I knew Bray would win but I didn’t think the match would be so good. It really was a superb match, Cena seems to be excelling through this feud with Bray and it is so great to see. Bray had to send in reinforcements to get the win but I don’t feel like there was really a loser.

Tamina and Paige was the chosen Divas match, the usual break before we set up for the main event, but it was flawless, this was literally one of the best divas matches in a long time. The two obviously knew each other well from NXT and they put on a great show, the match could have gone either way for a long time until Paige locked in the Scorpion Cross Lock.

And finally we had the main event, the former tag team champions Daniel Bryan and Kane pitted against each other and boy did they learn from each other. This was an Extreme Rules match that was actually extreme, bouncing people off the set, brawling on cars backstage, a forklift, using a kendo stick, Kane setting fire to a table and then going through it himself, which ultimately led to Daniel getting the win.

Like I said. It was the best pay per view of the year and without doubt the best Extreme Rules on record. So glad I stayed up.

Author: Phillipa Hopwood

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