Finally… the WWE Network has come to the United Kingdom

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UPDATE – 13 minutes before launch, WWE sent out a tweet saying that the UK launch is ‘delayed until further notice’. So still no WWE Network for Brits.


From 8pm tonight (November 3), the WWE Network will be legally available in the UK.

After months of hearing our American friends gloat about the ability to watch Starrcade 1983 whenever they want, the WWE has overcome the various hurdles in its way and is finally giving us the Network.

WWE Network

While the highly-promoted price of $9.99 remains (£6.25 in proper money) the Network will be available for free throughout November. Furthermore, that awful six month commitment plan has been removed.

It’s not all good news though. From tonight, the Network will only be ready for the web, iOS and Android devices. However,  accessibility for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and some smart TV accessibility will be rolled out on November 18.

The Network consists of a 24-hour streaming channel, offering new and classic shows, as well as an on-demand library of pay-per-views, documentaries, and episodes of televised shows like Raw.

Sign up to the WWE Network here.

Author: Staff Writer

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