Breaking Kayfabe podcast: Because Bill Clinton Plays It

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Oh Tensai, you so racist.

On this week’s Breaking Kayfabe, no one in the WWE knows how to keep their mouth shut. Between AW making a rape joke and Tensai being horribly racist on Tout, there are a lot of people who need to have their pretty little wrists slapped. On top of that, the McMahons are hemorrhaging money and the Great Khali has a brain tumor. This is not a very positive week!

Later on, the fellas are joined by long-time listener Stephen Johnson, and things get a tad wild. SmackDown had Stevie J’s match of the year in Jinder Mahal vs. Ryback, Jericho wore Dolph Ziggler’s t-shirt, and Del Rio is the #1 contender. On the Raw side of things, CM Punk missed the mark in one of the most important promos of his career. Uh oh. And the WWE has given us both amazing and horrible examples of what three-hour Raws can do. Enough of that Triple H video package already.

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