DVD: The Purifiers

Written by: Mike Shaw

After the break-down of society as we know it and the failure of various government initiatives, a group of martial arts clubs create their own city infrastructure. Responding to the greed and corruption creeping into the other clubs, headed by capitalist megalomaniac Moses, The Purifiers battle to maintain the system which has proved successful in ridding the city of crime and violence.

Starring well-respected actors like Dominic Monaghan and Kevin McKidd, and with quite an entertaining premise, it comes as some surprise just how awful The Purifiers is.

Richard Jobson was a horrible musician, a horrible film critic, and now he proves himself an equally horrible film-maker.

With trained fighters acting and trained actors fighting, the film is a mess from start to finish with laughable dialogue and some of the most crummiest and over-stylised action scenes since The Power Rangers movie.

Kinda like The Warriors… but really, really shit.

Author: Mike Shaw

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