DVD: Nina's Tragedies

Written by: Mike Shaw

Nadav may only be 14, but he’s deeply in love with his beautiful aunt, Nina (Ayelet July Zurer). After a childhood of sneaking furtive looks at her whenever he can, his life crumbles when she gets married. As the story progresses thanks to the twists and turns of life, death and love – we see the peaks and troughs of both Nina, and Nadav’s, lives.

This coming of age story is as much about Nadav’s tragedies as it is about Nina’s, and it won 11 Israeli Academy Awards when originally released in 2003.

Writer-director Savi Gabizon has created an intricately woven tale and a world populated by captivating characters.

Perhaps it’s a little melodramatic in places, but the fantastic cast manage to keep a handle on things and keep scenes under control.

Nina’s Tragedies is a poignant tale of lost and reclaimed love, and the everyday complexities of modern Israeli life.

Author: Mike Shaw

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