DVD: Lila Says

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French-Arab Chimo is a self-described loser, content to hang around with his slacker friends instead of pursuing his talent as a writer. However, when he and his friends catch a glimpse of Lila – a blonde teenage seductress with a filthy mouth – something stirs inside Chimo and his friends.

Director of Lila Says, Ziad Doueiri, worked as an assistant cameraman for Quentin Tarantino before he began helming his own productions – but that’s where the relationship ends. Lila Says is more engrossing and manages more emotional depth than a thousand Kill Bills.

Although the story is told from the pages of Chimo’s journal, the film revolves around the magnetically beautiful Vahina Giocante as Lila. Fascinated with her own burgeoning sexuality, Lila’s life is steered by a playful naughtiness -but does everyone understand her level of naivety?

Funny, yet hard to watch in places, Lila Says is a bold film that draws out the romanticism inherent in even the most rundown of places.

Author: Staff Writer

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