TV: The X Factor USA 08.12.11

Written by: Sion Smith

Rachel is upset. Nicole is hated.

My, my, my – what excellent television.

With Josh safe as safe can be and through to the semi-final next week, it really came down to the wire huh. Marcus vs little Rachel. I have to be honest, the smart money was on Marcus getting his ass taken to the cleaners after being in the bottom two three weeks on the run, but there’s some kind of God looking down on that man.

A God that moves in mysterious ways too. The show basically came down to Nicole Scherzinger having to cast the deciding vote. She voted Marcus and took it to the public vote results… and the hammer swung down on little Rachel. Which is all kind of fair enough and in the spirit of the show, thats just the way it goes – but then, on this news registering, Rachel lets out the most anguished, hurt cry I have ever heard in my life.

Rachel Crow crying on The X Factor USA

Imagine, if you would, a deer hit by a bullet train… in slow motion.

This of course meant that Nicole thought it was her fault and that she had broken a little girl’s heart into a million pieces. This is also what the audience thought. This is what I thought. This is what Rachel and Simon thought.

I’ve never seen somebody go from America’s sweetheart to the scum of the earth not even fit for leading Dante on a world tour so fast.

Right now, the world hates Nicole – only Paula remained to rub her shoulder and tell her it was OK.

But it’s not OK is it Nicole? You did the bad thing. That’s something you won’t forget in a hurry… nor will an international audience. I feel a bit let disappointed because I can’t join in with the loathing simply because I loathed her from the very beginning.

Redemption can now only come from Josh and a huge win. Bring it.

Author: Sion Smith

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