Review: Luke Jermay – Sixth Sense

Written by: Chris Barraclough

Luke Jermay begins his new mind-reading show ‘Sixth Sense’ in the most straightforward, no-frills manner possible, by strolling onto stage and asking the audience if they believe in telepathy.

Even if you confidently reply in the negative, you might be a little more hesitant come the end. As Jermay himself boldly declares, “I’m gonna fuck you up!”

Luke Jermay with a tarot card

Luke Jermay

While his talents and schtick can be closely compared with performers such as Derren Brown, Luke Jermay doesn’t go for the same all-out theatrical performance, preferring instead to keep production levels basic. His props consist of little more than a couple of decks of cards and a row of chairs for his victims to plonk their quivering behinds on. And the arrangement works well, leaving the audience free to fully focus on Jermay’s incredible talents.

Audience participation is key to Sixth Sense’s success, and Jermay expertly gets the whole room involved, warming them up with some witty remarks before tossing a deck of cards to the first of many victims. Be warned, at least two dozen people are picked on throughout the course of the show, to varying degrees of embarrassment: some get away with having their favourite teacher and star sign blurted out, while others will be told the colour of their underwear or in one case have a horrifying secret revealed (apparently making nude snow angels is a bad idea, kids). Don’t worry too much if you suffer from stage fright, however, as each bit is over quickly and Jermay’s excellent comic timing and friendly demeanour raise the show above the level of picking on individuals.

As for Jermay’s skills as a mentalist…well, the man is the Devil, pure and simple. Whereas some so-called mind-readers spend minutes with their victims, implanting seeds in their mind and studying them carefully for subconscious clues, Jermay can seemingly tell what a person is thinking with just a half-second glance from across the room. He doesn’t nail it every time, of course. One poor woman had her age guessed a little on the high side, which left her with a distinctly sour expression. But nine times out of 10 he is spookily accurate, which left us wondering whether to applaud or run screaming in terror.

The only negatives to an otherwise engaging and enthralling show are the slight anti-climax, and short running time. The audience is completely left out of the envelope-opening finale, with only a single participant truly knowing what Jermay hid in there near the start of the show, and we couldn’t help but long for one of Derren Brown’s trademark over-the-top zingers which leaves everyone’s jaws hanging.

Still, the fact that we found the hour-long running time a little meagre shows that we were enjoying ourselves, and anyone with an interest in mind reading, mysticism or simply a bloody fun bit of theatre should see Sixth Sense right now.

Author: Chris Barraclough

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