FRINGE REVIEW: Toulson and Harvey

Written by: Staff Writer

Sometimes, in the mystical genre of comedy, simplicity is the key. Big sets, props and overly elaborate special effects often make a straightforward show far less appealing than it set out to be. Toulson and Harvey have clearly realised this.

The format for their set is pretty straight forward. This is a sketch show, with no fancy backdrops, no props, just two men, some stools and a guitar, with Misters Toulson and Harvey performing a number of interlinked sketches in an attempt to explain why this show will be the last show that they will do together.

Blending sketches and scenarios with songs and a montage scene to the Rocky soundtrack, this fast-paced show comes across very much like a pilot for a potential radio or TV show, with a mixture of material which keeps the audience in stitches, alongside some not-quite-ready jokes.

An enjoyable show by two people who will probably make it quite big in the future.

Toulson and Harvey can be found in the Underbelly at 5.20pm

Thomas Canning

Author: Staff Writer

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