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Magic shows are an absolute minefield to navigate and perhaps none more than on the Fringe. Everyone likes magic, it’s one of the irrefutable laws of the universe (we’re not including David Blaine in this, not unless you call ‘sitting in a box’ magic). Even ‘coin and card’ street performers can do enough to bamboozle you fleetingly as they contend with those acts that have found themselves a small corner of the Fringe from which to dazzle an audience.

There also tends to be little variation between those acts and for a comedy festival, there’s usually very little in the way of amusement outside of some fairly non-descript patter. Enter stage left: Pete Firman. Although he will be performing a few you’ve seen before, his endearing personality adds a new spin on old favourites, and he’s also got a few illusions of his own, one involving a mouse and a blender which left the audience gasping. Like many of the magic acts on the Fringe, the performance could do with a degree of elevation so as to not deny a large majority of the audience a look at the deft sleight of hand that Firman has but this is a mere quibble. For a darkly entertaining hour, look no further.

For more Pete-loving, you can visit here or you could visit here. It’s entirely up to you.

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