FRINGE REVIEW: Mitch Benn Music Club

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Comedy shows based entirely on musical parody generally can tend to lie between one of two places. One is a good place, the other is, well, not such a good place. Mitch Benn thankfully falls slap bang into the former category.

Returning to Edinburgh with his band the Distractions for the first time in three years, the star of BBC Radio’s The Now Show and Jammin’ hosts this two hour rollercoaster of a show with a selection of well-observed musical parodies, taking on worthy targets like West End musicals, generic boy bands, The Smiths and a certain posh Army boy-cum-musician who can’t be named.

Performance wise, the show holds itself together well, with Mitch and his band filling gaps between the song with ad-libs and stand-up. Add to this special guest performers, who have to write an improvised song during the interval based on audience suggestions, a foxy flame-haired bassist and Macbeth sung in the style of Eminem and you can see why – despite there being a number of musical comedians at the Fringe this year – this one sticks out slightly more than the rest.

Mitch Benn Music Club is at the Underbelly Cow Barn from 11.15pm

Author: Staff Writer

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