FRINGE REVIEW: Kirsten O'Brien – Confessions of a Children's TV Presenter

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Anyone looking for a frenetic hour-long dash of hyperactivity look no further than Kirsten O’Brien’s one-woman show, Confessions of a Children’s TV Presenter. Right from the off, Kirsten’s infectious enthusiasm wastes little time in winning the audience over as she takes the crowd through a potted history of her career. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never view the barren wasteland of children’s television in quite the same way again.

Although the material amounts to little more than a series of admittedly highly amusing anecdotes (her Brian Blessed impersonation is truly a sight to behold), the boundless fervour O’Brien exhibits lends the show an endearingly organised chaos. Although one can be sure that Kirsten has more stories than her hour will allow, it will be interesting to see her develop fresh material for next year now that the credit has been used up.

A lot of critics are going to point to the morbid curiosity of seeing Kirsten O’Brien out of her natural habitat as a reason for the constant difficulty in getting tickets for this show. However, the simple fact is, while some shows are content to drown in making their point, Kirsten’s first solo effort is simply exuberant fun from start to finish and sometimes on the Fringe, that’s really what you need.

Confessions of a Children’s TV Presenter is at the Pleasance Courtyard at 2.10pm

Author: Staff Writer

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