FRINGE REVIEW: Frankie Boyle – Morons, I can heal you

Written by: Staff Writer

Frankie Boyle, star of TV’s ‘Mock The Week’, playing at a theatre near you and charging £15 for the privilege of listening to what is essentially a series of sharp one-liners. Few would deny Boyle’s talent as a performer: his confident manner and acute sense of timing connects him rapidly with his audience, letting him launch with a momentum that carries him right through to the close of the show.

Boyle’s rapport with the audience is the cornerstone of his act, working his material around a series of improvised quips in an adroit fashion but at the end of the performance you’ll be hard pressed to remember any of his gags except the insults. If you’re a fan of the television show he regularly appears on, chances are you’ll have heard some of the gags before. By way of small compensation, Boyle tries playing things close to the bone but there’s no air of unpredictability and what probably seemed like a worthy sharp shock on paper feels a little blunted. Regardless, Boyle rolls with the punches and moves on to his next target when a shot misses effortlessly.

If rapid-fire, old-school banter is your thing, this is probably money well spent but for the rest of you expecting a little more substance and/or value, chances are you’ll come away feeling rather short-changed.

Author: Staff Writer

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