FRINGE REVIEW: Andrew Lawrence – Social Leprosy for Beginners and Improvers

Written by: Staff Writer

The last 12 months have been pretty good for Andrew Lawrence, seeing him going from fairly unknown comedian to a nominee for last year’s Best Newcomer award at the Fringe. He returns for his second Fringe with Social Leprosy for Beginners and Improvers, a guide on how to get people to avoid you, because, as Andrew puts it,pPeople are everywhere, and they can really fuck you off.

Although not as strong as last year’s debut Fringe appearance, Andrew’s stage presence and his ability to expel colourful language which manages to both offend and amuse at the same time holds the audience in his grip the entire time he is onstage. Some people may be disappointed to know that he has dropped most of the musical element of his act in favour of more narrative (the one tune he does sing during the show is more of a ditty than a song), but the show still delivers the kind of laughs that you can’t help but feel you shouldn’t be having.

With many shows this year at the Fringe claiming to offend and shock, this show delivers just that under a cloak of unexpectability, and demonstrates once again the humorously dark brand of comedy that Andrew is becoming famous for producing.

Andrew Lawrence – Social Leprosy for Beginners and Improvers is at the Pleasance Courtyard from 8.30pm

Author: Staff Writer

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