YotaPhone 2 improves on its two-screen concept

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One of the most interesting devices at MWC was the second generation Yota – the dual screen mobile.

You’re forgiven if you missed the first generation as it flew firmly under the radar, but it offered an interesting proposition. Yes, it had two screens, but while one was LCD, the other was e-ink – yeah, like a Kindle.

YotaPhone 2

Unfortunately, the concept was better than the finished article, but now the YotaPhone 2 is here, and it seems the Russian company has learnt from its mistakes.

The unit we played with was just a prototype, but the improvements were clear to see. The main difference is the design, which has moved away from the angular look of the original and is now larger and curvier. To our eye it looks like a Nexus 4/Moto G hybrid, and that’s no bad thing.

The new YotaPhone’s e-ink display is leaps and bounds ahead of the earlier version, too. It has grown to 4.7 inches, with a 960 x 540-pixel resolution, and Yota says it will be always-on, always-live, and offer 50 hours of battery life.

Furthermore, the new e-ink display will be fully touch-sensitive and far more accurate.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the second screen still won’t be capable of running all Android apps, which is disappointing as there are a wealth of mainstream apps that would be perfect for the low-power display. Nonetheless, Yota is planning to make its SDK open to developers, making it easy for apps to be supported.

The YotaPhone 2 isn’t expected to arrive until the end of 2014, and even then it’s not going to be global. What’s more, we don’t even know what the price is going to be yet other than ‘premium’, so expect £500+.

Author: Staff Writer

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