Security-focused Blackphone has arrived

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Built by security experts and designed to keep user data safer than any other handset on the market, the Blackphone was unveiled today at Mobile World Congress.

The Blackphone uses PrivatOS (a modified version of Android) along with a bunch of apps from US-based security firm Silent Circle to create a device with “unparalleled security and privacy.” The Silent Circle apps allow users to to send encrypted text messages, make encrypted video and voice calls, search anonymously and browse privately.


The device, which is the result of a joint venture between Silent Circle and Spanish start-up Geeksphone, will retail at $629, with shipping starting in June.

Unlike other smartphones with a heavy focus on one specific area, the specs on this handset are pretty damn good.

The Blackphone has a 4.7″ HD IPS screen, eight-megapixel camera, a 2 GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage. It also boasts  a slick design that puts a number of established manufacturers to shame.

Buyers also get two two years worth of Silent Circle for free and three separate ‘friends and family’ subscriptions, allowing you to make sure that at least some people not using Blackphone are locked down tight, too.

However, if you’re thinking that Blackphone is impervious to snooping, you’d be wrong. Mike Janke, co-founder and CEO of Silent Circle told Mashable: “There is no such device that is NSA-proof. If you are on the terrorist wanted list or a criminal, intelligence services will get into your device… There’s no such thing as 100% secure phone.”

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    Very helpful story. I’ve been interested in the Blackphone since I first heard about it.

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