This Bluetooth speaker is powered by fire

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This ridiculously cool device is a candle-powered Bluetooth speaker.

Pelty candle bluetooth speaker

Produced by Pelty, it uses converts the thermal energy from a small flame to power via a thermoelectric generator. No plugs or batteries are needed.

As well as being innovative, the design isn’t bad either. It’s made from heat-resistant Italian ceramic, which also has excellent acoustic and insulation properties.

The great thing is, there’s no need to buy specially-shaped candles either; almost any will do and you can get hours of audio from one candle. Just connect your phone or tablet using Bluetooth, and you’re good to go.

Understandably, the sound isn’t the greatest on the market, but the Pelty produces about 95 decibels, which is quite similar to other small Bluetooth speakers which aren’t anywhere near as interesting.

You can get more of an idea from the videos below.

You can back Pelty on Indiegogo.

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