Man ejected from cinema for wearing Google Glass

Written by: Mike Shaw

It’s been kicking around for a while now, but as its user base increases, Google Glass is encountering more problems.

Just last week it was pronounced legal to wear – but not use – while driving in the state of California, however, it seems wearing it in the cinema is taken more seriously.

Han Solo wearing Google Glass

Now easier than ever to see who shot first.

At an AMC cinema in Columbus, Ohio, a man watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit while wearing Glass was approached by a federal agent who snatched the gadget from his face and ejected him from the venue.

Outside, there were between five and 10 officers and agents who allegedly questioned the man for more than three hours, on the premise that he was illegally recording the movie.

Now, while some are saying that the victim was stupid for bringing a recording device into a movie theatre, they seem to be forgetting about our omnipresent mobile phones, which are just as capable as recording video.

On top of this, the man’s Google Glass was a prescription unit (so he needed it on to see the movie). Yeah, perhaps he could have worn other glasses, but why should he? Especially as he had shut the device off in advance, in the hope of avoiding any problems.

Ultimately, the man was released, but not before a few hours of interrogation. However, he was given two free movie tickets to make up for the inconvenience, so that’s fair. Right?

As wearable tech becomes more prevalent, you can bet there’ll be a lot more stories like this popping up.

Author: Mike Shaw

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  1. My doctor has prescribed Google Glasses for Adam Sandler movies only. A black rectangle appears in front of each eye and Basement Jaxx plays on full volume.

    Try the Fish.

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