Next HTC flagship to launch in March

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The follow-up to the lovely HTC One is coming very soon.

HTC has announced a launch event on March 25, where it is hoped the Taiwanese company’s latest flagship will be unveiled.

Leaked HTC M8

This leaked image purportedly shows the HTC M8/One Two

A few short weeks ago it was suggested that the February launch of the HTC M8 (believed to be the follow-up to the HTC One) had been delayed, and now we have the official launch date for the phone.

While the invitations don’t say M8 , the date is a coincidence, no?

The invitations don’t say HTC One Two either, but that’s what the rumour is even though HTC One Two is a really stupid name.

HTC has painted itself into a corner though, so its choices are limited. After the HTC One X, One X+ and One XL, going back to call its flagship phone the HTC One confused consumers. But, despite that, it was a success, and the company needs to capitalise on that name with its new handset. So what can it call it? HTC One+ perhaps? But then what does the next one get called?

The same problem stands for the rumoured name HTC One Two. It’s clumsy and does not allow for elegantly named iterations.

The Samsung Galaxy S 2, 3, 4, 5 formula might be dull, but at least it makes sense.

Anyway, the HTC event will take place on 25 March in both London and New York simultaneously.

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