Apple’s iWatch may help you sleep

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At this year’s CES, all the buzz was about wearable tech.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear and Pebble smartwatches have made a small splash, but you can guarantee that if/when Apple makes its entry into the market, it’ll be more like a depth charge.

Apple iWatch

One of the many, many mock-ups of what the Apple iWatch could look like

It has been predicted that Apple could sell $17.5b of iWatches during the gadget’s first year of life, with a retail price of $299 being mooted, and now ‘insiders’ are claiming that the iWatch will have a focus on health.

Strengthening these claims, Apple has reportedly hired a scientist who specialises in sleep disorders to work on the device.

Dr. Roy J.E.M. Raymann has worked on various sensors that measure sleep, with sleepy time being one of the elements the iWatch will focus on. Dr. Raymann has lots of experience in wearable technology and non-pharmacological methods of improving sleep using techniques such as “mild skin warming”.

The iWatch (if it even exists) will also track metrics related to exercise, heart rate, calorific intake etc…

In reality, very little is known. Like most things Apple does, this is all speculation right now.

However, if it is true, then – as well as being a fashion statement – positioning its smartwatch as a completely rounded health and wellbeing aid would certainly give Apple an edge that its rivals lack.

Author: Staff Writer

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