Amazon’s 3D smartphone is revealed

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It’s been rumoured for years, but the first of Amazon’s own-brand smartphones has finally broken cover.

It was reported last week that the company’s first mobile will be officially announced in June and then released some time in the third quarter.

Amazon's first smartphone

Apparently this picture, obtained by BGR, shows the phone covered by case to prevent the final design from being seen, which begs the question: why bother?

The phone will run on a heavily customers version of Android, just like the Kindle Fire tablets, and inside will have 2GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

The real excitement comes when we look at the front of the device, which has four cameras which allow the phone to create a 3D experience without the need for glasses OR the horrible kind of filter used on devices like the Nintendo 3DS.

BGR says: “These four cameras [in addition to the regular front and back cameras] which are situated in each of the four corners on the face of the phone, are low-powered infrared cameras [which can] track the position of the user’s face and eyes in relation to the phone’s display. This allows Amazon’s software to make constant adjustments to the positioning of on-screen elements, altering the perspective of visuals on the screen.”

As the 3D feature is going to be the phone’s big selling point, Amazon has tried to implement it in as many areas as possible, from wallpapers and icons through to some apps.

This smartphone is actually one of at least two handsets Amazon is working on. A second, entry-level device with lower specs and a lower price will launch sometime after the phone pictured here.

Looking at Amazon’s pricing history to date, however, even the flagship smartphone is likely to be very, very competitive.

Author: Staff Writer

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