• Ted movie


    Review: Ted

    Written by: David LillywhitePosted on:

    While I am quite sure it is entirely coincidental, comic connoisseurs will detect more than…
  • mma

    UFC 149 Head to Head

    Written by: Jon LaughtonPosted on:

    This is the most changed fight card in UFC history (that I can remember), but…
  • Batman vs Bane in The Dark Knight Rises


    Review: The Dark Knight Rises

    Written by: Willard FoxtonPosted on:

    Superb, but is it the best Batman film? Last night, I went to see the…
  • WWE NXT 2012


    Thoughts on the new WWE NXT

    Written by: Martyn NolanPosted on:

    So what have WWE been up to with the recent changes with FCW and NXT?…
  • Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike


    Review: Magic Mike

    Written by: Dee PilgrimPosted on:

    From Sex, Lies and Videotape to Ocean’s 11 (12 and 13), director Steven Soderbergh has…
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