• Lone Survivor movie


    Review: Lone Survivor

    Written by: Dee PilgrimPosted on:

    There aren’t any surprises about how this movie ends considering the big, fat clue in…
  • Christian Bale in Out of the Furnace


    Review: Out of the Furnace

    Written by: Dee PilgrimPosted on:

    You won’t see many films this year as unrelentingly bleak or depressing at this, but…
  • Christian Bale as Batman


    The Dark Knight Sinks

    Written by: John RoyPosted on:

    Spoilers, obviously. —— It’s approaching two years since The Dark Knight Rises dashed our hopes…
  • Batista wins the 2014 Royal Rumble


    The Royal Stumble

    Written by: Kris RenniePosted on:

    The Road To WrestleMania essentially begins at the WWE’s Royal Rumble where the winner of…
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