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    WTFacebook Films?

    Written by: Karen KrizanovichPosted on:

    Battleship? Snow White & The Huntsman? 47 Ronin? Les Mis? What’s up with Universal’s Facebook …
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    Preacher 101

    Written by: Laura SneddonPosted on:

    A sex-filled, gore-spattered, God-hating road trip story of fabulous filth and depravity, Preacher introduced me…
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    Daredevil 101

    Written by: Laura SneddonPosted on:

    A new Daredevil is on his way, eight years after his last outing met mixed…
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    FHM’s After Dark Special

    Written by: Mike ShawPosted on:

    Sponsored Post Thanks to Twilight, vampires are absolutely bloody everywhere now. However, while they used…