SINGLE: Valeriya – The Party’s Over

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This is the first UK release from Valeriya, who, despite being an unknown over here, is something of a household name in her native Russia. Dubbed the Madonna of Moscow by many, she has a career that spans over 15 years.

The Party’s Over is a funky pop track with a Mark Ronson-esque feel to it. Like Madonna, Valeriya is clearly in tune with what is popular in the current charts. The CD features the album version of track alongside a remix edit – a term that fills the heart with dread. However this remix edit is different from the majority of others. It’s actually good; in fact it’s better than the original. It’s polished, catchy, poppy and has a summery disco feel on top. It’s the kind of song you can’t help tapping your feet and nodding your head to.

While you might not rush out to buy this song, it’s certainly worth a listen over the summer months.

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Author: Staff Writer

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  1. Hello,
    where can i buy online the single of Valeriya?
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