SINGLE: The Zutons – Always Right Behind You

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You have to feel sorry for the Zutons. Ask the average people on the street about them and you will probably be met with blank stairs, which is a shame as loads of their songs are played everywhere, from adverts to TV shows and yet no-one really knows it’s them. However, in spite of Mark Ronson swiping their best known song and making his remix with Amy Winehouse more popular, the band are back in 2008 with a new single and a new album, “You Can Do Anything”.

You can tell from the first few bars of “Always Right Behind You”, that recording in LA has raised the spirits of the band. Blending the late seventies sound of ELO with a strange hint of jazz, the single is, in essence, a happy-go-lucky three minute indie pop song chirping about friendship; a rarity in these days of repetitive bass lines, samples and winey emo-gumph.

With the twangy Liverpudlian vocals of David McCabe and the melodic saxophone of Abi Harding, its high time that The Zutons got that little bit of credible popularity that they have been working on for recent years. Hopefully, this single will be the catalyst to see this happen, as with the band playing a number of festivals over the summer, their motto “You Can Do Anything” could really come true.

The Zutons Always Right Behind You is available on 7″ vinyl and CD single from May 26 2008, and for download from 19 May 2008. For more Zutons action, click here.

Author: Staff Writer

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