SINGLE: The Holloways – Generator

Written by: Staff Writer

You probably already know this song. Radio One seem to be blaring it out around the clock every five minutes, you know, “I can get a record player, and a generator. Generate the music that makes you feel better”. God damn. It is a very, very catchy tune.

Heralding from, conveniently, Holloway in North London, the Holloways are a four piece band who are already known for their upbeat indie style. Taken from the album So Is This Great Britain?, this is the second time the track has been released, after beating the likes of Muse, Primal Scream and Kasabian to become the 16th best song for 2006, in a poll by NME last year.

Tunewise, the simplistic guitar riff complements the fun, upbeat lyrics, and like many of these so called ‘up and coming bands’, The Holloways have adopted a unique dress sense, which no doubt won’t catch on.

This is the second time Generator has been released, after reaching number 30 in the charts last summer, and this summer is looking to help push this band to the commercial mainstream, having already received mass air time on Radio One and due to them touring around with fellow new band The Wombats this September.

The Holloways – Generator is out now.

Author: Staff Writer

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