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After recently announcing The Coral as headliners for Sunday night, Lounge on the Farm has gone one-step further, lovingly assembling Ear Candy, the essential mix-tape to prepare revellers for the festival.

Ear Candy is available via the Lounge On The Farm website (, and collects together a range of acts from the festival line-up, giving the listener a real feel for the festival. What’s more – it’s completely FREE!

The festival is taking place in Canterbury, Kent, on the July 11-13, so check out Ear Candy and then buy your tickets. I mean, just look at the tracklisting:

01. The Shortwave Set – Sun Machine (Replica Sun Machine LP / Wall Of Sound)
02. Wild Billy Childish & The MBE – Again and Again (Thatcher’s Children LP / Damaged Goods)
03. Sargasso Trio – Heels On Fire (Burnin’ Burnin’ Burnin’ LP / Boy Scout Recordings)
04. Pete Greenwood – Negotiations And Last Words (Sirens LP / Red Bricks)
05. The Suggestions – Fashion Monkey
06. J*Star – Hot Sleng Dubplate
07. Toddla T ft. Micachu & Miss Bienek – Backchatter (Do You Know / 1965)
08. The Onlookers – Reverse The Widow
09. Black Kids – I’m Lonely [And I Love It] (Solid Gold)
10. Cats In Paris – And Ugly (Akoustik Anarkhy)
11. Raphael Mead – This Time
12. Pete Molinari – Adelaine (A Virtual Landslide LP / Damaged Goods)
13. Syd Arthur – Earthbound
14. Midfield General – Love Thyself (Generalisation LP)
15. Hotrods n Dragsters – Spitfire Romance

Head on over to the Lounge website, to download Ear Candy for yourself and for further info.

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