EP: Kick Box Riot – Seeing Ghosts

Written by: Staff Writer

Hailing from South Wales, five piece indie band Kick Box Riot have had an impressive start after being named Best Newcomer of 2007 by listeners of BBC Radio 1 Wales.

Seeing Ghosts is the band’s debut EP, featuring six tracks that show diversity in sound, yet are united by melodic guitar parts and the passionate vocals of frontman Mike Mansfield. You’re Only Young Once, mixes sturdy drum lines with softer guitars to produce an infectious track which has already received Radio 1 airplay.

The variety found on the EP means it’s hard to compare their sound solely to one band, or even a range of bands, yet peculiarly it is hard to find anything that sets the band aside from other groups around today. It’s difficult to find any defining quality to stop Kick Box Riot from just being ‘another indie band’.

An impressive debut, indie fans will probably love this, however the chances of it inspiring any new fans to the genre, are pretty slim.

For more Kick Box Riot, click here. Plus, you can buy the EP here.

Author: Staff Writer

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