Review: Best albums of April 2017

Written by: Paul Horsman

April Montage Albums

We’ve filtered the best music releases in April so you don’t have to. Highlights from our favourite ten albums can be heard here: The Void – April 2017 Highlights

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Arca – Arca

ArcaSometimes an album comes along that feels less like a collection of songs and more like an ethereal experience. Venezuelan producer Alejandro Ghers (aka Arca) returns with his atmospheric touch, as well as some vocals after being encouraged to sing by Bjork (just one of the artist he’s worked with over the years – others include FKA Twigs and Kanye West).

Like them, there’s a strong visual element to Arca’s sound. In fact, right from the outset you’re transported into a parallel world where dreamy, dramatic and disturbing images often drift in and out to match the music accordingly. The result is something that’s far from easy listening… yet strangely easy to listen too.

Fionn Regan – The Meeting of the Waters

fionn regan the meetings of the watersTicking the sensitive singer songwriter box this month is Fionn Regan with his fifth album after a five-year break. Looking a little like Frankenstein’s Monster on the cover art, The Meeting of the Waters cements Regan’s stature as a fragile outcast. This is a very good thing.

The rockier edge adds further interest to his work, yet it’s still the low-key tracks where Regan shines. His duo of opening songs – the title track and Cormorant Bird – is a master class in understated beauty, while the odd ambient tone here and there is all that’s needed to compliment his affecting voice. And although a twelve-minute instrumental seems a little excessive, Tsuneni Ai feels like the perfect closer to this delicate piece of work.

Goldfrapp – Silver Eye

goldfrapp silver-eyeGoldfrapp’s seventh album received a mixed response at the start of the month, many believing it sounded too familiar. It’s a somewhat fair point; Silver Eye isn’t a dramatic departure in the same way Black Cherry or Seventh Tree were at the time. But once you get over the shock of Goldfrapp sounding like Goldfrapp, you realise it’s actually their most complete album so far.

Almost acting as a Best Of compilation of their sound (not hits), Silver Eye showcases the duo’s knack in creating mood with unworldly dark textures (Black Zodiac, Ocean), dreamy tones (Faux Suede Drifter) and sexualised grooves (Anymore, Become The One). It might not be the sonic transformation we’ve come to expect from them over the years, but it certainly highlights just how influential they’ve been on the music scene since their arrival. Long may they continue.

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