ALBUM: White Stripes – Icky Thump

Written by: Staff Writer

The sixth album from the White Stripes carries the same title as its first song and, unfortunately, is not a reference to seventies comedy legends The Goodies… shame.

With previous White Stripes albums, there have been immediately enjoyable tracks like 7 Nation Army or The Hardest Button To Button, however with Icky Thump it’s hard to find a track that you can listen to while you strut down the road.

Maybe it’s the random time changes, or the freestyling bagpipes (oh yes), but it’s just not good as previous efforts.

Saying that, there are fewer tunes that warrant immediate skipping further plays have uncovered some stand-out tracks – particularly Conquest, where Jack battles it out with a trumpet playing a tasteful lick.

Truth is, that is why the White Stripes are still around. Even though the drumming sounds like a five-year-old’s and the guitar riffs are simplistic, they still manage to please fans by creating something unique.

This doesn’t mean that the new album is worth buying, but give Conquest a listen if you get the chance.

Author: Staff Writer

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