Review: Best albums of March 2017

Written by: Paul Horsman

Best albums of March 2017

We’ve filtered the best music releases in March so you don’t have to. Highlights from our favourite ten albums can be heard here: The Void – March 2017 Highlights

Not got Spotify? Then be sure to check out these top three…

Ibibio Sound Machine – Uyai

Ibibio Sound Machine - UyaiIf the hint of spring has now got you pining for a mini heat wave, set the scene with this cultural mash up of electronica and Afrobeat funk. It’s brought to you by an eight-piece band whose name is a nod to both Miami Sound Machine and the Nigerian roots of fierce front woman Eno Williams.

The rule here is that anything goes; jazzed up trumpets, laser gun sound effects, buzzy synth bass, metallic drum machines, elements of new wave, disco and rock… and that’s just in opening track Give Me A Reason.

If your Ibibio isn’t up to scratch, the overarching theme is liberation, power and beauty. Although, to be honest, the energy is so infectious that Williams could be singing about drowning kittens and your toe would still be tapping.

Laura Marling – Semper Femina

Laura Marling - Semper FeminaIf Uyai sounds far too joyous, maybe Laura Marling’s latest will be your thing. That said; even she’s cheered up a bit these days.

2015’s Short Movie saw Marling cut loose and display a carefree side. This time around she’s embracing strings and celebrating femininity. Valley, Don’t Pass Me By and Next Time all bring a dreamlike quality to her sound, while her warm voice acts as a familiar blanket throughout.

The standout here – and perhaps in her career so far – is the sophisticated Soothing. Its meandering melody and stirring use of bass highlights just how far she’s come since her nu-folk beginnings. But if Marling ever runs the risk of steering too close to the middle of the road on this sixth album, she drops a few F bombs to remind us she’s still only in her twenties.

Thundercat – Drunk

Thundercat - Drunk - Front & Back CoverTechnically, Thundercat’s dizzyingly quirky third offering was released at the end of February. But Drunk took a while to get used to, especially when sober.

The inspiration behind its epic 23 tracks came from a series of bleary nights involving drink, drugs, humour and heartbreak. It includes spacey vocals, anxious conversations inside the head, meowing cat noises and a whole heap of weirdness that isn’t your typical radio fodder. But these playful peculiarities only add to the contagious tunes.

Although set to a 1970’s groove, Drunk is coated in jazz with enough futuristic twists to warrant it a modern masterpiece in oddball soul. A new genre is born.

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