ALBUM: Happy Mondays – Uncle Dysfunktional

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The Happy Mondays are back with their first studio album in 11 years. Surely that’s plenty of time to make an awesome record? Apparently not, and here’s why.

Jellybean, the first track on the album, starts really well. What was expected to be an embarrassing attempt at recreating the sound of the early 90s is actually surprisingly good. The greatest thing about it is the energy it creates, especially with its catchy chorus, which breaks up the monotony of the not-quite-so-cool verses.

The strength of this record is definitely the tunes, but these are often ruined by the unimaginative lyrics and often irritating vocals of Shaun Ryder, who sounds like he does in all his interviews – brain damaged. Much like half the album, the lyrics of Angels and Whores sound like they’ve been badly ad-libbed and take all the good away from a song that starts promisingly.

A large portion of the lyrics on the album seem to exist for the sake of being funny, but, on the whole, they aren’t. The exception to this is Cuntry Disco –one of the better songs – a fun track that teeters on the edge of being ruined by pointless samples, but manages to cling on. The vocals, although a bit random, are funny and fit in nicely around the funky chorus.

It would be interesting to hear a re-mixed version of the album, one that chucks out some of the samples and finds a better vocalist and lyrics, because some of the tracks would be greatly improved and make for a much more enjoyable album.

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Author: Staff Writer

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